Gratitude is the key to abundance. Abundance is not quantifiable. It’s not about how much you have. It’s about the acknowledgement of what is already present.

And in order to notice that...YOU have to be present.

All is in the NOW MOMENT.

All is already whole. It is just awaiting recognition of that. Focusing your ATTENTION on that. Right now.

But you cannot have conflicting thoughts with this gratitude. Cannot have doubts about how you will get through or how you will make it. When attention is given to that it competes with gratitude so the vibration is not consistent, resulting in inconsistent success, based on a wavering faith instead of a strong foundation of trust—KNOWING that all you need is already provided.

I’ve lived in a homeless shelter. I’ve paid my rent for the month on the LAST DAY of that month, on the brink of eviction for months in a row...needing to owe immediately the next day for the next month. I’ve eaten mac n cheese for days because of not enough money for other food.

I’m not saying this so that you feel sorry for me; I’m saying this because I know what it feels like to have a lack of abundance. I have been there.

And now I don’t experience any of that anymore. We just moved into a new place. We have enough food, & our rent is paid on time along with our other bills. We have everything we need for both kids, and we have extra things that we have never had before ever.

And I am so grateful. I will continue to be grateful for what I have in this now moment. Seeing the abundance that is already there is key to continuing to experience abundance. Because every now moment is repeated in the next now moment. What you feel now will be felt in the next now.

I challenge you to be PRESENT. To NOTICE all of the things that you already have, instead of what you see that you don't have.

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